Hi, I'm Jennica!

Yes. Jennica. Like Jessica and Jennifer combined. I always said my mom couldn't decide between the two. She claims that's not the case.

As unique as my name is, I also consider myself a quirky individual. I am a rare INFJ, a Capricorn, an extroverted introvert, a Pacific Islander, a bad joke laugh-er, a music addict, a song lyric and quote caption-er, a girl power supporter, a chief executive optimist, a chocoholic, a football fanatic, a candle sniffer, a food junkie, a decaf tea drinker, a pink color lover, a 90 degree weather freak, an action movie buff, a risible college honor grad, a "big" sister, a girl mom of 2, a dog mom, a bonus boy mom, and a smitten fiancé.

Let's be friends :)

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”